Early offers are often the best offers

This is worth highlighting because I hear the same story week in and week out from house sellers:

They had the good sense to price their home strategically, and almost immediately received a decent offer from a solid buyer.

But they turned the offer down believing it came too quickly and that better offers would be sure to follow.

The better offers never came and the buyer went and bought something else.

Now the sellers are kicking themselves because no one else is making them an offer.

…Sadly, these sellers didn’t understand how the market really works.

They didn’t know you get maximum interest (from the best buyers in the market) when you first come to market.

I’m not suggesting you should accept the first offer you get – certainly not! A buyer’s first offer is rarely their best offer.

What I am saying is, don’t discount the buyers that make the early offers (especially in hot markets)…

“Early offers are often from the best buyers and a quick sale is usually the best sale”

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