The truth about estate agents

I want to be crystal clear on this…

…There are 1,000’s of fantastic estate agents in the UK.

But there is also a dysfunctional relationship between the estate agency industry and the public that you need to be aware of.

Sadly a large proportion of estate agents have been conditioned to believe ‘telling the truth’ will not win them new business.

As such, ask a bunch of estate agents round to give you a free valuation, and it’s almost guaranteed that one (if not all) will deliberately overvalue your home in an attempt to win your business.

As such, the conventional wisdom to get 3 agents round and go with the middle valuation is not so wise.

In fact ignore it completely, because all that’s likely to happen by following it is you end up going to market at the 2nd most over-inflated valuation.

Deliberate ‘overvaluation to win the instruction’ is endemic in the UK

No home seller is immune from this because it happens in all markets, at all price points, and with all types of estate agent (high street, online, hybrid, family run independents, and large corporates).

What’s more, it’s so effective that some ethical estate agents have simply given up trying to tell the truth when it comes to the free valuation…

…They just can’t compete with the lies from their less ethical competitors.

There are of course some exceptional agents out there standing firm, but how long they can last (while losing business at a time of falling transaction levels) is anyone’s guess.

Essentially, many (but not all) agents are scared to tell the truth, just in case the truth is not what you want to hear.

Please don’t let any of this worry you unduly.

I’ll shortly be giving you proven simple techniques that will allow you to get truthful accurate advice out of almost any estate agent.

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